Hummer has converted a new right-hand drive H3 into "the ultimate gadget for grown ups" - a life-sized remote controlled car.

Created in order to promote the H3 in the UK, the on/off road vehicle has been converted so that those that get a go can experience the "unrivalled" agility and off-road capability of the H3 from the palm of their hand.

Engineer Dr. James Brighton from Cranfield University transformed the Hummer H3 into a remote controlled vehicle:

"Converting the HUMMER H3 into the super-sized remote control car took a month to complete but we've had lots of fun in the process."

"The vehicle is capable of climbing a 407mm vertical wall, traverse a 40% side slope and operate in up to 610mm of water – imagine the fun."

The Hummer H3 (the actual road version, not the remote control one) is available to order now from £26,495 on the road.