Electric shock gaming has arrived with the launch of the MindwireV5 system, for those who really want to feel it all when they're gaming.

The games accessory claims to give you the feeling of "all the action", with examples ranging from the sensation of a crashing car to the blast of a machine gun's multiple bullets hitting you... Sounds delightful.

The shocks doled out by this peripheral are said to range from a sharp zap all the way through to a soft massaging feeling.

It works by connecting up to five self adhesive pads to your arms, legs and stomach and then experiencing the sensory feedback that mimics the game action.

Working out of the box with PS2s, Xboxes and Gamecube games, as well as PC games which support force feedback, there are also some next gen titles it works with too - full lists available on the site.

Only suitable for ages 16 and over (and presumably in relatively good health, i.e., no pacemakers?), the system costs £99.99 plus postage and packing, available now.