A revolutionary next-generation radio controlled toy car powered by clean fuel cell energy technology has been unveiled.

The H2GO from Corgi boasts zero emissions energy technology is made using lightweight environmentally-friendly wheat-based plastics and boasts fully recyclable packaging.

Power for the H2GO is is delivered by an on-board hydrogen fuel cell, where sun and water supply the fuelling unit with renewable, clean energy for unlimited play.

Michael Cookson, CEO of Corgi International said: "The H2GO is not only a fascinating miniature-scale, real-working fuel cell powered RC toy that can be refueled using plain water, but marks a change in how the toy industry will need to transform and adapt to a clean energy future".

Gaining its power from solar energy, the car's refuelling station splits water by electrolysis into its two basic elements, oxygen and hydrogen, which is captured for use as fuel for the car.

When the car is turned on, the on-board fuel cell starts producing an electric current, which in turn powers the motors and back wheels.

The H2GO set comprises a refuelling station, a solar panel, a hydrogen-powered RC car and a remote control. A full set will cost £129.99.