Batteries not included is probably one of the most annoying phrases you hear at Christmas, but one company is hoping to change this with a range of toys that have eco-friendly elements.

Called Ecotronics, there will be four models in the initial line-up including a toy mobile phone, a torch, a buzzer game and a radio.

However rather than rely on batteries to power the new devices, kids will be able to wind, push and shake power into them.

The penguin eco torch, which is shaped like a penguin and cost £4.99, will offer power by squeezing it.

The buzzer game, which will sport a robot face made from flashing LED lights and cost £14.99, involves a wind-up handle like the Freeplay radio, while the toy phone will require you to shake it.

Further promoting the toys eco credentials, all the packaging will be made from paper or bio-degradable pulp and the makers behind the range promise that there will be no plastic twizzle things that hold toys in their box in sight.