At last, you can be the pilot of your very own chopper...

Small but with a big name, the "Flexible Bird Master Heli" measures just 15cm so can take off from your hand and be used indoors (if you're


careful, obviously).

Will the promise of the ability to perform jaw-dropping manoeuvres, which can apparently be mastered quickly it's going to be an impressive site whizzing around your lounge.

For those not so quick to master the simple controls, the little Bird boasts "crash engineered construction" that means it can take a few wipe-outs while you're learning and just to be on the safe side, it even comes with a spare back propeller.

Full control allows you to hover and turn left or right as the 'copter flies forward. It comes in three band options so you can fly up to three at the same time so a flying challenge with Bird-owning mates would be possible.

One last touch is cool blue flashing strobe on the chopper's undercarriage to enable night flights...

Priced at £17.95, the Flexible Bird Master Heli is available now from ParamountZone.