A remote-controlled flying toy that's a little different, Thumbs Up are offering the new i-Fly Vamp.

This malevolent-looking bat is described as one of the latest generation of RC flyers and is said to offer "an unparalleled level of control and stability both indoors and out".

The Vamp differs from other flying toys because it's an "Ornithopter" which means it flaps its wings to fly through the air just like a real bat.

With a wingspan of 12-inches and length of 10-inches it's actually the world's smallest RC ornithopter.

A lithium polymer battery that charges up from its integrated charger/controller gives approximately ten minutes of flight time from a 20-30 minute charge.

Once airborne, a steering system and digital proportional radio controller means that you should be able to control the bat and keep its altitude even whilst making sharp turns.

Supplied ready to fly right out of the box the i-Fly Vamp is available now and would no doubt be just what little monsters would like to find in their stockings this Christmas...