This 12-inch remote control Dalek, made specially for the Jonathan Ross show when David Tennant, who was just about to take over the role, was introduced as the new Doctor, is up for auction on eBay.

It contains a speech recorded specially for the show by Nick Briggs who, as fans will know, does the actual Dalek voices for the show.

This is the actual Dalek that appeared on air in the final TV version and was signed by David Tennant himself after the show had finished filming.

Donated by the Character Group plc, all of the proceeds of this sale will go to Harrison's Heart Foundation (HHF) a registered UK charity that raises money for research into congenital heart diseases in infant children.

The bidding is currently on £995 but it goes without saying that the plan is to raise as much as possible, so if there's anyone out there with deep pockets and a love of Daleks/David Tennant/Jonathon Ross then hit the link to place your bid.