Bedtime stories just got even cooler with the interactive Story Blanket range that offers a light and sound show at the press of a button.

A themed soundtrack and "bubbles of shimmering lights" (thanks to 133 miniature LEDs) plays for 2 minutes before fading gently, hopefully just as your monster is drifting off to sleep.

There are four Story Blankets to choose from, "Space" takes your aspiring Buzz into far flung galaxies where sounds, bleeps, engines and rockets can be heard as they fly through the night sky.

"Heroes", for your brave little rug-rat gives them emergency service sirens, banter on the walkie talkies and the roar of the engines.

"Kitty", perfect for proper little girls, boasts lots of kitties, hearts and bubbles, and provides purring against the backdrop of the Sugar Plum Fairy ballet music.

"Princesses", ideal for miniature regal ones, offers chirping crickets, tinkling laughter and a royal, musical serenade.

Aimed at kids aged between 4 and 12, the blankets are battery powered and cost £119.