Hasbro, the company behind Bop It, is hoping to bring new appeal to fans of the game, but those bored of the tunes and beats.

Bop It Download, is the latest version of the 21st century Simon says and follows on from the success of Bop It Extreme II, by included all the original features but with a bespoke "twist".

The game still requires players to follow the instructions to the beat hitting "Bop It", "Twist It", "Flick It", "Pull It" and "Spin It" but now the whole experience can be customised with a selection of new voices and tunes from the company's website.

Players can ditch the original American voice and download something more quirky instead such as; a Pirate, Cockney, a mean-spirited gameshow host, a posh American "it" girl, a good old country bumpkin and a Chav.

Voices are available online to download for free with more to be added in the months to come.

Not only can people download new voices, they can also record their own with the included microphone.

It’s not just voices that can be customised, but the music and sounds can also be changed.

The new Bop It features a sleek angular design and even adds lights into each action to help, and later hinder players.

Included in the box is a free USB lead, microphone and links to download the Bop It software to ensure that the game is ready to go, right out of the box.

Bop It Download is available now and costs £29.99.