Tomy has launched the i-Sobot, a new dinky robo-buddy toy.

The i-Sobot measures just 16.5 cm tall, but has enough tech-ery squeezed into that diminutive frame to perform over 200 pre-programmed actions.

The remote-controlled i-Sobot's actions include push-ups, somersaults, dancing, hula-ing, air guitar and he can apparently imitate various animals. He can recognise 10 voice commands and say several phrases.

The robot runs on AA-size batteries, and Tomy will bundle Sanyo's Eneloop rechargeable batteries and a charger with the device, which should provide i-Sobot juice for an hour.

Tomy will start shipping i-Sobot in Japan and America in October, and he will also be available as a black version in Europe in early-2008.

Reports on pricing vary but he will probably be around the £200 mark.