The Spykee spy robot from Meccano has recently been revealed as coming soon to PC World's forthcoming robot mini stores.

As regular readers will know, we don't hide our love of robots here, so we thought we'd take a quick preview look at what we can all look forward to.

Spykee is from Meccano, and as you'd expect from the kings of all things construction kit you have to build him yourself.

Once you've assembled your new robot friend (who measures about 32cm high) you can start using him to spy around your own home.

You can control Spykee wirelessly through your wi-fi connection on your PC so he can move around your house listening to conversations and watching movements.

You can use Spykee to speak to others on your behalf (alriiight - talk to the robot 'cos the face ain't interested, etc.).

Spykee is Skype compatible so you can use him to communicate through, he functions as a webcam and can also play your MP3s.

He can take and send snapshots of his surroundings back to your computer and can also be used as a video surveillance monitor that activates an alarm on your computer or sends a picture by email when movement is detected.

Finally, when he gets a little run down and his soul (battery) gets weak, he will make his own way back to his docking station to re-charge his batteries.

We were excited before, but I think it's fair to say now that we are amping to get our hands on one of these puppies.

The PC World roboshops are due to open in Autumn, which is about the same time that Spykee is due. Can it come soon enough?