PC World has announced that it will open its first store within a store devoted exclusively to the sale of robots.

The in-store shops will start to appear across all of PC World's 150 retail shops in the UK from the Autumn.

The PC World "Roboshop" range will include a range of models to suit every budget.

Initial robots in the PC World range will include Spykee – a new technologically advanced motorised robot.

Spykee can be controlled wirelessly through your Wi-Fi connection and has some truly robo-tastc features - we'll be bringing you more Spykee details on Pocket-lint.co.uk very soon.

Also to be available is the R2D2 movie-projecting, iPod dock droid that's been "coming soon" on UK gadget sites for months now.

Other robots being examined for potential addition to the range include a model that moves on the ground and can fly and a "companion" robot for children.

You'll no doubt be as pleased as we are to hear that PC World's product selection process will take Asimov's laws fully into account. Phew.