Brando has announced the availability of a set of USB Virtual Friends, dolls that you can interact with in a virtual stylee.

If the whole real-world-human-relationship thing is getting too much then you can rely on technology to help you out.

You can name and create your own boyfriend or girlfriend and choose their personality type, either "naughty", or "nice" which seems a bit black and white.

Where's "nice-until-commitment-becomes-an-issue" or "naughty-but-emotionally-stunted-from-previous-relationship"?

The faces of these dolls are mini photo frames so you can insert your dream gal/guy's pic, which should appeal nicely to stalkers.

There are 100 preprogrammed dialogues for you to communicate with your virtual buddies, a few of which are shown in the image to the right.

And let's face it, who wouldn't want to have a 16cm tall plastic doll say "I love you - these three words have my life in them"?

$17.00 (cheaper than an ad in the Personals) link below.