Do excuse the extraneous use of exclamation marks, but we really wanted to get your attention and let you know that the dedicated website for the Next Big Thing in the toy world has gone live today.

Combining a robot and a dinosaur was never not going to be great, but coming-soon autonomous life form Pleo promises something beyond greatness.

The new website (link below) includes tons of details and some great video footage of Pleo (modeled after a one-week old Camarasaurus) doing his cute baby dino stuff.

In the States, Pleo will be $349 and has gone on pre-order now at big retailers like Amazon.

The UK distributors Vivid Imaginations, are expecting Pleo in early October and have re-confirmed the 250 quid price tag. Retailers will include Firebox, Dixons and Amazon.

Hope on over now to check it out – we defy you not to immediately want, no, NEED one now.