From – you know it – Japan, this slightly sinister looking robo-kitty is otherwise known as the "Yume Neko Smile" which translated apparently means "Dream Cat Smile".

The Dream Cat Smile stands 13-inches tall and weighs around 4.5lbs.

If you insert three "C" batteries its five touch-sensitive sensors will make it blink, move its mouth and neck, rear up and lie down, all the time purring and meowing like the devil cat it is.

If you upset it by squeezing its tail (something that never fails to upsets us) it starts hissing.

All it needs is an iPod dock and speakers (we'll leave it to your imagination as where the dock might go) and it's the perfect 21st century pet.

The Dream Cat Smile will set you back $129 (but you don’t have to buy it food or litter) and is available via the link below.