What do you get if you cross Homer J. Simpson and Robosapien? Homersapien of course.

We previewed this Simpsons themed robotic when it was launched at the Toy Fair, but we've now heard the news that it's available to pre-order from gadgetshop.com, who have snafu-ed an exclusive retail period for the toy.

We shouldn't think we need to explain Homer to anyone out there, but for those of you who are unfamiliar with the Homersapien, then here’s a quick run down of what the yella fella can do:

Homersapien comes with a Krusty Burger Cup accessory, unique Simpson’s packaging and a yellow Simpson’s style remote control which you can use to carry out 67 pre-programmed functions and 28 secret moves.

The doughnut-loving character has walking and turning options and can pick up, throw, kick, sweep, dance, rap, fart, belch, snore, and stretch – pretty much what we expect from Homer, and mimics Homer's more famous phrases.

Homersapien retails at £69.95, for further information visit the link below.