Tomy are hoping to make bedtime story telling easier with the launch of an interactive story book that with the accompanying projector promises to bring a whole new dimension to story telling.

The new system called the Magic Storytime Theatre is very similar to a concept design announced by Philips last year and the mini projector can be used by a parent or child to beam images from a storybook on to a wall, bringing the story and characters to life.

It has three modes - listen and watch, read along and Bedtime. The Listen and watch modes reads the story and displays the imagery as you turn the pages. The read along mode projects the storybook imagery but allows you to read the story at your own pace while the bedtime mode tells the story and displays the imagery automatically then turns itself off when the story is finished.

Magic Storytime Theatre comes with one book - Winnie the Pooh or Thomas & friends and retails at £34.99 with extra books, available later in the year, available for £9.99. Philips solution is still at concept stage.