My father always used to say that if you wanted to make any real money in this world you should become a builder. So with that in mind fathers keen to push their sons, or daughters into that line of work should check out the Junior Tradesman from Hippychick.

This award winning toy is brand new to the UK and allows children to build their very own bricks and mortar house or garage just by following simple instructions.

Each robust mini construction kit comes complete with real clay bricks, special non-toxic cement mix and a no mess sheet, with a ground plan already outlined on it.

Best of all, each Junior Tradesman kit provides endless opportunities for creativity as the brick mortar mix can be easily dissolved with water so that each building can be built, broken down and re-built as many times as a child wants.

There are currently three kits available: Junior Tradesman First House which costs £19.99 and comes complete with 85 pieces, a ground plan, support beams and a roof, door and windows to accessorise the building with. Junior Tradesman Garage, which costs £14.99, has 55 pieces and Junior Tradesman Free Play, which costs £12.49, has 35 pieces and lets you experiment.