With only 20 days of shopping left before Christmas Deal Or No Deal the boardgame is set to be the biggest selling game this Christmas closely followed by the 21st edition of Simon Says - Bop it Extreme II.

The smash hit Channel 4 show has already successfully revived Noel Edmonds' career and made him one of the highest paid presenters on television.

Now the board game is set to ensure Edmonds and his daytime game show are number one for the festive season too.

The board game, which was released onto the UK marketplace in July this year, has already outsold traditional favourites such as Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Cluedo and Pictionary.

And during the last week alone, Deal or No Deal sold twice as many board games than any other game in Toys R Us stores.

The second most popular game being sold in the run up to Christmas is Bop it Extreme II, an alltime family favourite.

The third most popular is Elefun - a co-ordination game for 4 to 8-year-olds.

Operation and Guess Who are also likely to be in thousands of Christmas stockings this year and complete the top five predicted best selling board games.

Mike Coogan, spokesman for Toys R Us, said: "Deal Or No Deal really is a phenomenon for 2006, the TV show is geared at adults but people of all ages have been buying the game".

"We are also seeing a strong development in sales of DVD games replacing some of the traditional board games, it will be interesting to see what will be top of best sellers over the next few years".

Top 10 for Christmas 2006 according to Toys R Us are:

1. Deal or no Deal
2. Elefun
3. Bop it Extreme
4. Operation
5. Guess Who
6. Junior Scrabble
7. Kerplunk
8. Pop up Pirate
9. Don't Wake Dad
10. Connect Four