Today we have just two items of note for you on Silly Friday. The first is a very cute teddy bear that conceals a GPS unit under his plush padded suit. The Navirobo teddy bear supposedly points you in the right direction, makes fun of you when you miss a turn, and dances when you arrive at your destination. Forgive our lack of specifications, as he's only available in Japan.

Our second gadget is the Voice Messenger, a pink cyclops that takes down your message and then relays it when someone sets off her motion detector. You can wrap her bendy legs around a leg chair, or use her suction cups to place her on a window. She's yours in either pink or orange for only £10.

Available now in the UK at are HANNspree's plush children's TVs. The screens measure 9.6-inches, and come in a variety of furry surrounds, including elephant and giraffe. They cost from 3200, and offer a 450:1 contrast ratio, 2 x 2W speakers, and come with a remote control.