No we aren't sure what it does either, but according to it's going to be the next big thing for kids and adults alike.

Called the Didicar, it’s a waggle propelled toddler car that hasn't got a pedal or battery in sight.

All you're supposedly do is just hop on board, put your feet up and waggle the steering wheel. Using what can only be termed as "science stuff" (inertia, gravity and centrifugal force apparently) for propulsion you should be able to reach up to 6 miles per hour.

Dad's keen to strut their stuff can even hop on board as the Didicar supports up to 120kg in weight (imagine the drink fuelled fun/danger - delete as required).

Didicars need a flat hard surface to work and are perfect for outdoor or indoor use and you can now even buy sticker packs to stamp your personality on YOUR Didicar.

Didicar is available from

priced £39.95.