Having trouble getting your little one to sleep, thought so, if they are anything like our chief tester that means being woken up every 3 hours through the night.

However one company aims to stop all this with the “Lullabub”, a device which consists of four décor designed modules, which are simply placed under each leg of a cot.

Turn it on and the “Lullabub” promises to gently rock a cot automatically and unassisted, in a harmonic rhythm to naturally soothe and settle babies to sleep. Helping the parent attend to other duties or catch up on some much needed and well deserved REST.

There are four preset settings, an automatic timer and even a remote control for the lazy.

The device simply fits under each leg of your new or existing cot and according to the manufacturers it should fit most cots available on the market.

Currently sold out, the company says that it is expecting a third shipment sometime in August. The price? £129.