In my day it was Apples, for Mrs Pocket-lint it was bananas, but the kids of tomorrow, well next week actually, will probably say Brontosaur egg Pluot stone fruit.

The new fruit created and grown by Seville-based Royal is only available for 2 weeks from the start of August until mid-August.

"This Pluot is a fruit that has been grown with kids in mind. It has a
strong apricot flavour, colourful, mottled skin with orange and pink flesh", Royal told us.

"The skin is a mixture of yellow and purple with green speckles. The sweetness and lusciousness of the Pluot means that they are particularly popular with children and are starting to be found in lunchboxes throughout Europe."

For those not in the know, a Pluot is a hybrid of a plum and apricot. The fruit is not genetically modified and has been created thanks to natural cross-fertilization.