A new survey has found that a third of children use blogs and social networking sites at least two or three times a week yet two-thirds of parents don’t even know what a blog is.

The report, Get IT safe conducted by the NCH and Tesco Telecoms reveals an alarming gap in knowledge between most parents and their children when it comes to technology.

Nearly half the children surveyed (46%) said they were confident they could remove parental controls and internet security software, including 43% of 11-year-olds.

Seven out of 10 non-tech savvy parents admitted they know less than their children about mobile phone use.

John Carr, NCH’s new technology adviser, says: “Children are pretty clued up when it comes to technology but they often lack the worldly wisdom to steer them away from its potential hazards. That’s where parents come in. But our research shows they need to increase their knowledge if they want to protect their children. That’s why NCH is pleased to be working with Tesco Telecoms to spread the word to Mums and Dads across the country”.

NCH and Tesco Telecoms are urging parents to increase their technology knowledge and keep children safe. Parents can pick up a free copy of Get IT? Got IT! Good! - a family guide to getting to grips with technology at Tesco stores or at www.tesco.com.

NCH and Tesco Telecoms said they will also be running a series of "technology doctor" roadshows for parents and children in selected Tesco stores across the country.