I don't know about you, as a young boy I always remember being dragged down to Clarks to have my feet thrown in that metal machine that would then tell the shop assistant how big my feet were.

Aside from the constant fear that my feet would be crushed following a malfunction of said machine the end result would normally end up with a pair of black or brown shoes.

If I was lucky they might have some sort of pattern on the bottom to make funny shapes on the beach if, of course, I ever got there and were able to wear those unpractical shoes.

What's the point of all this reminiscing? Well it seems today's kids don't have the same worry, not only have the Clarks machines disappeared, but also shoe company Start-rite has launched a range of kids shoes in their Spring/Summer 06 range.

According to the company “Start-rite aims to provide little feet with stylish footwear complemented by impeccable fit and superb quality”.

Start-rite claim to offer more sizes and widths than any other brand and what's even better is that their designs are pretty funky and the leathers are dyed all the way through so scuffs and scrapes are harder to see and easy to polish over.