It turns out, us men are good for something. Beating mums at being clever.

In a recent survey of 562 children by Bassett's Soft and Chewy sweets, the company asked children who they thought was the cleverest person in the world.

One in four (27%) children felt that their Dad was the smartest of all, with Mum's just behind with one in five (19%) of the votes.

Disastrously that well-known bright spark David Beckham was perceived to be a clever clogs by one in six (17%), and one in seven (14%) children chose their best friend.

Other popular choices include the Queen, Tony Blair, God, Bart Simpson and Jesus.

Wheeling in psychologist Dr Glenn Wilson from Kings College, he said the survey results showed “Dads have been picked, perhaps because they are perceived as ‘instrumental', in terms of getting things done, and Mums are ‘expressive', in terms of providing emotional support”.

The survey was conducted by Bassett's Soft & Chewy as part of the launch of their new Omega-3 & Vitamins A, C, D & E product, a daily supplement for kids aged 3+. Omega-3 DHA is essential for healthy brain and eye function and development in infants and young children and may also help to maintain levels of concentration.