It seems the question on everyone's mind at the moment when I tell them that my wife is expecting my first child is:

“Aren't you scared?”

Inside I'm screaming like that painting by Edvard Munch. “Of course I bloody am!!!!” But the Alpha male side of me ends up laughing it off and suggesting we get another beer in or the such like.

Of course today's men are supposed to be more caring, more in touch with stuff like this.

However I can't help feeling that ever since my wife announced that their would be the patter of tiny feet in the house, I've become this person that must stand strong, must make sure there is enough food on the table and money in the kitty to pay the bills.

Is it like this for everyone? Let us know your thoughts and experiences so we can stop laughing and running for the hills and actually admit that anyone about to go through this should be scared and proud of it.