Ben mentioned earlier in the week that after months of deliberation and decision making Mrs Pocket-lint and I have plumped for the Bugaboo over other brands. Why have we spent more on our new pram than most on a skiing trip? It's all in the stats.

5-point suspension, 24-litre pouch underneath, a snow mode, Danish built, machine-washable covers, swivel wheel suspension, reversible and adjustable handlebars all in a unit all under 9KG.

There are more stats here that the latest phone or business laptop and that's why is appeals to us men so much. While Mrs PL was weighing up safety I was getting excited about that 5-point suspension system so I could take it cross country, something that I will have to do of course.

There were other contenders of course, Silver Cross put up a good fight as did Mammas and Papas, but in the end my bugaboo Cameleon comes in March.