As a dad to be, I've started looking at all the great reasons of becoming a dad, but following a recent trip to the Toy Fair in London (research you understand), I can't seem to get past the most important one. Playing with toys.

It stuck me that becoming a father means I now have a legitimate reason for going into the Early Learning Centre, a legitimate reason to invest in a new Scalextric set and a legitimate reason for buying big magnets, wooden cars and anything else that's groovy.

Of course with a child still in mum's tummy theoretically I should wait, but what an excuse.

Over the next few weeks we are going to be outlining the must have toys for your kids (obviously though, geared for you) that you should be getting.

The first is Automoblox available from It's the classic "wooden car" - with a contemporary twist for a new generation and to be honest is looking to look better on your desk than in the mouth of a two year old.

Made from European Birch wood all 6 Automoblox 2005 models are interchangable enabaling you to create your very own customised Automoblox car that’s better looking that a stretched Hummer - just pull, push and snap.

We love it, although we aren't looking forward to the day that the new born wants to play.