It seems robotic pets are not only here to stay, but growing in numbers. If it isn't Wow Wee wooing us with Roborapters, Hasbro scaring us with robotic ponies called Butterscotch for young girls, it's UGOBE and its 1-week-old Camarasaurus sauropod called Pleo.

The baby long neck dinosaur promises to incorporate basic traits of autonomous life and been specifically engineered to mimic life with organic movement and behaviours that allow him to relate to “humanity on a personal level”.

UGOBE's unique and patented robotic motion platform - that will be the programming then - supposedly enables Pleo to move in a fluid, lifelike way, while behaving completely autonomously.

Equipped with nearly 40 sensors, including infrared and stereophonic sound, Pleo requires no remote control and is free to interact with his owner and environment.

"With this flagship product, UGOBE has shown that they are a forward- thinking company that sees the shift within the industry toward interactive organic robotics", said Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies.

According to the dinosaurs accompanying spec sheet, Pleo features 14 servo joints (torso, head, tail, neck, legs) with force feedback, 38-touch, sound, light and tilt sensors including nine touch sensors (mouth, chest, head, shoulders, back, feet) and 8 feet and toe sensors, Fluid quadruped motion, the ability to avoid obstacles and not walk off edges.

The baby dino can even act out blinking eyes, chomping, twitching, sighing, sneezing, sniffing, growling stomach, tail drift, and yawning as well as displaying distinct moods including anger, boredom, playfulness, hunting, cautious, cuddling, disgust, disorientation, distress, fear, curiosity, joy, sorrow, surprise, fatigue, hunger, and a desire for social interaction

Parents will be pleased to know that Pleo will be available in time for Christmas in the US. We are trying to find out whether or not it will be coming to the UK. It will cost $199.