Hornby is to bring the humble train set in the 21st century with the introduction of digital trains that allow you to control them individually rather than by the track they sit on.

Due in time for Christmas, the new digital train sets will come with a command centre that allows to control up to 255 different trains and up to 250 accessories such as lights, barriers, and turntables at any one time helping you avoid six hour shunting experiences trying to get a specific train out of the garage.

Called the Digital Command Centre (DCC) Hornby hopes that with its USB PC connection users will also be able to download additional sounds and features for the trains.

All the locomotives in Hornby's new Digital sets come with decoders as standard, however the company has also stated that some of its current range will be able to transferred to the new system by adding a £9.99 decoder.

The company is launching three sets to begin with as well as offering customers the chance to buy the control unit on its own (£59.99). The Mixed Goods (SRP £130.00), GWR Western Pullman (SRP £225.00) and the Virgin Trains Pendolino (SRP £160.00) that comes with tilting carriages.

Each set comes complete with locomotive and coaches/wagons, a Starter Oval of track plus - depending on the chosen set - additional track pieces making one or two sidings, a TrakMat …and a Hornby Select Digital Control Unit.