While the covers may still firmly be on the new Aston Martin car to be featured in the next James Bond movie starting Daniel Craig, Pocket-lint has managed to get a sneak picture of the new car thanks to Corgi.

The toy company, currently celebrating 50 years in the business, gave Pocket-lint access to photograph a miniature model of the car that will be driven in the film.

The toy version will cost £11.99 and be available in October to coincide with the film launch.

James Bond will return to his faithful Aston Martin sportscar in new film Casino Royale after driving off in Lotus Esprits and BMWs in recent films.

The new DBS won't be the only car to feature in the movie, with producers confirming that DB5, first seen in Goldfinger and then Thunderball will be back after Bond wins it in a poker game - although minus all the gadgetry.

The last time Bond drove an Aston Martin was in 2002's Die Another Day.

Meanwhile Almost half (47%) of the British public consider the Aston Martin DB9 to be the greatest supercar in the world today, according to a recent survey conducted by Xbox360.

The British engineered beauty causes more stiff necks than the final set at Wimbledon with its head turning curves and dimensions.