Osmo’s Little Genius Starter Kit is a new hands-on learning kit that works alongside the iPad and a special included stand. Osmo’s kits suit children from age 3 up to age 12 and this kit – with four games - is aimed at younger children from 3-5. 

The iPad’s camera is used to scan physical game pieces on the table and integrate them into the games, which include drawing, simple coding, maths, spelling and more. The kit is designed to enhance work on vocabulary, letters, emotions, problem solving, and creative confidence.


Children play with tangible game pieces on the table that allow them to learn and play a range of games which challenge them to draw, code, spell, do maths challenges and more. Osmo scans the table the pieces are on to bring each child’s creations to life on the screen.  

Osmo’s worked on the Little Genius Starter Kit with Marbotic, a French ed-tech company that specialises in play for early learners. 

The Early Genius kit features these games:

  • Tangible ABC’s - Playful practice for pre-readers. Build letters with squishy, colourful sticks and rings, covers over 500 words.
  • Squiggle Magic - Create anything you want using sticks and rings and they come alive on the screen. Learn vocabulary, build artistic confidence, and develop fine motor skills.
  • Costume Party - Experiment with clothes and colours to make costumes, then watch the characters react.
  • Stories - Hours of problem-solving fun. Mix and match costumes to find silly solutions to obstacles and navigate adventures.

Osmo has also recently announced an Osmo Super Studio kit for Disney’s Frozen 2.

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