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(Pocket-lint) - Wooden toy sets have been around for years, but one company is hoping to bring them into the 21st century with the launch of a smart coding train.

Called the Intelino smart train, the new toy, which launched at CES, merges traditional wooden toy sets from the likes of Brio with app enabled play for those that enjoy coding and follows a long line of other coding based toys on the market looking to get kids still playing away form screens but learning new skills. 

The new motorised train will fit any standard wooden train set, as well as, a newer plastic set offered by the company. The train can then be controlled either via colour coded tiles that snap on to the new plastic set, or via an accompanying app.

IntelinoThe Intelino smart coding train brings new life to your wooden train set image 2

Smart without a screen

The train has a built-in camera that reads the colours on the track and responses accordingly making it perfect for younger kids and parents worried about screen time as you don't have to use the app at all.

Going over a green makes it go faster for example, while another colour might make it change direction.

"Off-screen, even the youngest of players can control the train's basic functions such as steering at track junctions, speed, movement and the electro-magnetic wagon coupler by using action snap commands – sequences of colored plastic tiles that snap on the tracks with ease," explains Intelino.

IntelinoThe Intelino smart coding train brings new life to your wooden train set image 4

There's an app too

Those that want more from the train and set can opt to turn on the accompanying app and treat their phone or tablet like the train's dashboard to access an advanced range of remote-control features and real-time feedback.  

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All this is possible because the smart engine is powered by a 32-bit ARM microcontroller with BLE wireless connectivity that connects to your devices. It controls the train's magnetic steering system, the electro-magnetic coupler, dual color sensors, 3-axis accelerometer, speed and capacitive sensors.

The new set is launching in March 2019 and will come with 1 smart engine, 1 train wagon, 20 track pieces, and 40 snap on colour tiles. It will work with any Wooden train set tracks you already have.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 14 January 2019.