For many, the days of just building a spaceship out of Lego or playing a game of Monopoly are long gone.

Today, kids want interactive tech toys that are powered by an app or that connect to the internet. They want animals that learn and grow as you play with them, or robots that will answer back.

And thankfully, toy manufacturers are happy to oblige. There are plenty of different tech toys to suit all ages this year - maybe even yourself.

We've battled through the numerous toy events this year, played and tested a range of crazy and sometimes scary toys, to bring you a list of the best tech toys.

Beasts of Balance

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£69.99 - Buy Beasts of Balance at Amazon UK, at Apple US or at Apple UK

It's a stacking game that uses an iPad, iPhone, or Apple TV app to help give it an extra dimension and marries brilliantly traditional gaming with a technological twist. The end result is great fun as you not only challenge of balancing the numerous array of beautifully crafted animals on the included scales, but as you do so seeing what creatures you can create by adding different counters and animals. Anyone for a Hogtopus? Yes, that's a beast that's half warthog half octopus if were wondering. The game ends when you can't stack anymore. 

Furreal Roarin' Tyler

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£79.99 - Buy Furreal Roarin' Tyler on Amazon US or Amazon UK

Roar at Roarin' Tyler and he'll answer back. The cute, fluffy tiger cub comes with 100 different sound and motion combinations and reacts to all manner of touches and noises. If that wasn't enough to interest you, the tiger cub can also move his eyes, ears, head, mouth and tail. Hasbro even throws in a toy chicken so he won't try to eat your TV remote control.

Fisher-Price Teach 'n Tag Movi

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£31.99 - Buy Fisher-Price Teach 'n Tag Movi on Amazon US or Amazon UK

This mini robot, designed for kids aged three and over, has a trio of modes of play: Alpha Fun Actions, Think & Move Shapes and Learn & Play Games. There are also six interactive games designed to develop critical thinking. Thankfully not powerful enough to take over the world, a la Skynet, Movi has two wheels allowing it to zip around the living room with ease as it barks orders at your kid. It's like a polite, robot version of the drill instructor in Full Metal Jacket.

LeapStart Interactive Learning System for Active Minds

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£42.97 - Buy LeapStart Interactive Learning System for Active Minds on Amazon US or Amazon UK

The LeapStart Learning System now supports nursery to year one kids, enabling them to get to grips with reading and playing activity games too. Parents are encouraged to buy a range of story books, in which their child can tap their way through with the interactive pen sounding things out as they play. Traditional but with a technology twist in a good way.

Laser X

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£34.99 - Buy Laser X on Amazon US or Amazon UK

A revamp of the old laser tag games people played in the late eighties early nineties, Laser X comes with two laser guns and blast receivers that tell you when you've been hit. The guns work in sunlight and darkness and up to a range of 60 metres. The aim of the game? Don't get shot and shoot your opponent instead. Simple.


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£79.99 - Buy Luvabella on Amazon US or Amazon UK

This very life-like baby doll will need feeding, putting to sleep and tickling if you are to get along. While that's the same with most dolls, the difference here are the true-to-life facial expressions that will have you thinking she's real - rather worryingly. She'll even play peek-a-boo.

Justice League Ultimate Batmobile

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£168.99 - Buy Justice League Ultimate Batmobile on Amazon US or Amazon UK

What do you get the Batman fan that has everything? The app controlled Justice League Ultimate Batmobile remote control car, of course. Complete with smoke effects that bellow out of the back, moving guns and an on-board camera so you can get a first-person view, the car even comes with an included 6-inch tall Batman. Everything is controlled via an accompanying app and it's very impressive. Just make sure you've got a house big enough to drive around in.


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£89.99 - Buy Osmo on Amazon US or Amazon UK

Bringing traditional play to iOS, Osmo creates a number of interactive games that use an iPad as the gaming board, while also using the tablet's on board camera to see what you are doing. Games include Coding Jam, which uses physical coding blocks to solve on screen puzzles, and even gives your child the opportunity to manage a pizza shop, which encourages maths. Osmo also offers simpler, but still very clever learning apps, like drawing, basic maths and English.

Hatchimals Surprise

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£44.99 - Buy Hatchimals Surprise on Amazon US or Amazon UK

Following the huge success of the original Hatchimals,  Hatchimals Surprise this year's offering from Spin Master. The surprise? You get two little critters keen to break out of the shell rather than just the one. The aim of the toy is to nurture each Hatchimal with love in order to help it hatch. When they do come into the brave new world, the owner must help them progress from baby to toddler to kid.  The twins, as they are known, can recognise one another, share secrets, play games and dance.

Anki Cozmo

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£179.99 - Buy Anki Cozmo on Amazon US or Amazon UK

A cute Wall-e-like robot, Cozmo is powered by AI and runs via a compatible iOS, Android or Kindle Fire device. It comes with three interactive "power cubes" and promises to charm his way into your life regardless of your age. As you would expect, there is a heavy emphasis towards coding, but it's not all boring homework. You can also upgrade his treads to a range of different colours and there is a collector's edition model if you are really looking to stand out from the crowd.

Sphero Mini

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£49.99 - Buy Sphero Mini on Amazon US or Amazon UK

Sphero Mini is a miniaturised version of the original app-enabled robot toy, only even smaller. The size of ping pong ball, you can control it with different modes in the Sphero Mini app, or you can just use your face thanks to a new feature called Face Drive. This uses your facial expressions to steer the ball.

Sphero Mini sports a little gyroscope, accelerometer and LED lights, as well as colourful, interchangeable shells. It uses Micro USB charging and gives you about one-hour of play after an hour of full charging. It also comes with three mini traffic cones and six mini bowling pins for different games. 

Vtech KidiCom Max

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£102.99 - Buy Vtech KidiCom Max on Amazon UK

You've got a giant smartphone and now your kids can have too. The KidiCom Max is powered by Android, features a large 5-inch touchscreen display and the ability to send and receive texts to five parentally approved addresses. Coming with a number of educational apps, the "walled garden" experience promises to let young ones get used to a phone through texting and chatting with members of the family. The Max also features a 2-megapixel camera for those all-important selfies.

Vtech Kidizoom Flix

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£24.99 - Buy Vtech Kidizoom Flix on Amazon UK

It's not a camera, it's an alien silly. That's the premise of this 2-megapixel camera from Vtech, designed for the would-be child vlogger in your life. The camera, which features a number of different faces, includes a guard mode for protecting bedrooms and its legs can be wrapped around poles, beds, arms and plenty more. There's a 1.8-inch screen for viewing your images or the option to upload them to a computer via a USB cable. It can even remember phrases and repeats what you say back to you in a funny voice. Beat that Animoji.

Little Bits R2-D2

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£78.74 - Buy Little Bits R2-D2 on Amazon US or Amazon UK

Using LittleBits' electronic blocks technology and the free Droid Inventor app, kids big and small will be able to teach their R2 Unite robot new tricks and take it on more than 16 missions across the Star Wars universe. Kids can even level-up their inventor expertise and reconfigure their droid to give it new skills, allowing it to be controlled by The Force or similar. The Droid inventor Kit comes with everything kids need to create and customise their R2 Unite straight out of the box.

Sphero R2-D2 

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£69.99 - Buy Sphero R2-D2 on Amazon US or Amazon UK

Sphero's take on Artoo features the Droid's signature front and rear LED lights which are fully functional, an integrated speaker that beeps and boops, and even a third leg that extends when it roams around your house. Sadly, there is no hologram mode yet, but like BB-9E and BB-8, Artoo will be able to talk to other Droids and watch the movies with you, beeping at the exciting points. There's also an AR mode that will allow you to drive around the Millennium Falcon.