Last year's "it" toy is back.

Remember Hatchimals? Well, Spin Master, the maker behind the toy egg, has shown off a second-generation version that's bigger, heftier, and quite literally double the fun. Called Hatchimals Surprise, it now features two furry interactive toys with LED eyes, rather than one. The two are considered twins that can either be identical or fraternal. However, like the original, they still self-hatch out of an egg.

Their hatching experience is much different compared to the original Hatchimals that pecked their way out. The new twins will burst their way out of the top, sort of how a real animal comes out of an egg, according to Spin Master. They sit on top of each other, and it takes up to 15 minutes for their egg to hatch. They need your help, too. The egg is touch-sensitive, so you'll need to hold, tap, and talk to it.

The twins will then crack through the egg, with one of the twins breaking out first, and then you'll need to reach in to grab the second one. Once the twins hatch, they not only interact with you but also with each other, and their personalities will mature as they grow older. The twins interact with each other through built-in sensors. They can giggle, tell each other "I love you", and they can even get upset.

Spin MasterHatchimals are back Theyre totally different now and double the fun image 2

They'll only get ornery when they're away from each other for long periods of time, though. But Spin Master said you can press their noses to make them sing, and if one starts singing, the other will react by dancing and flapping its wings all happily. They'll also play games and repeat words, just like the original. If any of this interests you, Hatchimals Surprise will cost $70 when it launches from 13 October.

You can buy two different "species". One is a Giraven, which is a mix of a giraffe and a raven, while the other is a Peacat, a mix of a peacock and a cat. Spin Master is also updating the original Hatchimals with two new species - Tigrette and Puffatoo - which will launch in December.

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