In July each year, Amazon puts on a special event to highlight the best products people might want for Christmas and beyond. And there is always one section particularly popular: toys.

The retailer shows a range of tech toys and fun gadgets that kids would love to find in their stockings. Some are even available right now, so if you're looking for a present for a child here's a good place to start.

We've listed 11 of our faves that you can either buy from Amazon now, pre-order or take note of for future release.

Anki Cozmo


Buy Cozmo from around £200 at Amazon UK

Anki's latest tech toy is a small, intelligent robot that reminds us a lot of Wall-E. He has a personality of his own and can even help children learn coding with all manner of different activities and games available to play.

Lightseekers Awakening


Buy Lightseekers Awakening from around £75 at Amazon UK

The Lightseekers Awakening series from Tomy is a little like Skylanders but for mobile devices. You link a toy character - either Mari or Tyrax from their respective starter packs - to your iPad, iPhone or Android device - and use it as a controller for a downloadable game. There are different modes, including a simple action game and a more-involving RPG, and collectable cards also unlock new weapons with the use of the rear camera and augmented reality. 

Laser X


Buy Laser X from around £49 at Amazon UK

Like the laser tag games of old, Laser X comes with a couple of light guns and vests so you can have safe battles in the comfort of your own home or garden.

Sphero Spider-Man


Buy Sphero Spider-Man from around £150 at Amazon UK

Sphero specialises in interactive, artificially intelligent gadgets - such as the Sphero BB-8 that won a Pocket-lint award a couple of years ago. Its interactive Spider-Man is slightly different in that he doesn't really move around, but he does chat to you and connects to a smartphone or tablet through a dedicated application. This app offers games and other tomfoolery a child or, let's face it, you can use to play with the diminutive web-slinger.

Sphero Lightning McQueen


Buy Sphero Lightning McQueen from around £300 at Amazon UK

Another Sphero licensed product, the Lightning McQueen bot can also be controlled via a dedicated app, but he has a life of his own too. There are capacitive touch panels around his chassis to use for further control, and even his headlights work at night.

Lego Boost


Buy Lego Boost Creative Toolbox from around £150 at Amazon UK

Lego enters the coding arena with its Boost systems. This particular Creative Toolbox offers a myriad of bricks to build a robot or many other objects, all of which can be linked to a dedicated app and controlled. The robot, for example, can be set tasks in a coding-style fashion that is as educational as it is fun.



Buy Bloxels from around £44 at Amazon UK

When combined with an app, Mattel's Bloxels can be used to create your own platform games in the style of Mario. By placing the Bloxel blocks on an slate you can even design your own sprites to play with.

VTech Kidizoom Flix

Pocket-lintVtech Kidizoom Flix image 1

Buy VTech Kidizoom Flix from around £60 at Amazon UK

We saw this at Toy Fair earlier this year and it still has the potential to be very popular. Not only does it take photos, it can guard a child's bedroom, like a home security camera, storing pictures when it detects motion. It also detects an owner's face, so can interact differently depending on who's using it.

VTech Kidicom Max

Pocket-lintVTech Kidicom Max image 1

Buy VTech Kidicom Max from around £110 at Amazon UK

A smartphone-style gadget for younger children. We particularly like the way the screen is laid out, much like an adult's device. There are plenty of games and camera functions to play with on board and it can be personalised to a child's own taste.



Buy SoundMoovz from around £50 at Amazon UK

We saw this at Toy Fair 2017 too, when it was called BeatMoovz. The name has changed but the principle is the same. Wear one on your wrist and it interacts with a tablet, PC or smartphone to create sounds when you wave your arms. Basically, your child (or yourself) can become a human beatbox.

Hasbro Transformers: The Last Knight Autobot Sqweeks

Pocket-lintAutobot Sqweeks image 1

Buy Transformers: The Last Knight Autobot Sqweeks from around £65 at Amazon UK

A remote-controlled Transformer. 'Nuff said.