US manufacturer Wicked Cool Toys has reinvented the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls for a new generation. The originals were always creepy looking, but now they can also stare at you with moving LCD eyes.

In addition, they can now be interacted with through an iOS or Android app.

The Cabbage Patch Kids Baby So Real dolls are bound to be a big hit this Christmas although it seems they will only be available in the States initially.

Each doll features sensors for "peek-a-boo" and "tickle" play. It can also feed from a special bottle, burps and can have its nappy (diaper) changed. The app changes a phone or tablet into a baby monitor, with an online virtual nursery offering games and video clips. You can also earn "baby points" to buy virtual items for the in-app version of your toy.

The app is free although a Cabbage Patch Kids Baby So Real doll costs $99. It's available from Toys R' Us, Amazon and several other US stores.

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