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(Pocket-lint) - Meccano has expanded on its Meccano robot launched in 2015, with a range of Meccanoids for 2016.

Revealed at CES in Las Vegas, the range will feature three pot sized robots, a giant T-Rex dinosaur and two child sized droids that you have to build yourself.

Leading the pack are the Meccanoid G16 and G16 KS. They improve on the G15 launched in 2015 and promise to have twice the memory, more robot intelligence, faster voice recognition, fun interactive features and additional programming capability.

The Meccanoid G16 will stand two feet tall and cost $179.99, while the Meccanoid G16 KS (that's Kid-Size) stands four feet tall and costs $399.99.

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Meanwhile, the Meccasaur T-Rex is a 3ft long dinosaur that is also fully-programmable and has a security mode to help guard their things. The Meccasaur T-Rex will cost $109.99

For those on a budget, the Meccano Micronoids costs $39.99 and can be programmed to dance, sing, navigate obstacle courses and interact with each other.

As with the G15 model last year, all the robots come with a optional iPad app that lets you control them through pre-programmed controls, or the ability to get it to emulate your movements using the front-facing camera.

Expect the kids in your life to be begging you for them this Christmas.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 7 January 2016.