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(Pocket-lint) - Marvin's Magic is a toy brand that has won the hearts of trainee magicians for numerous years, offering sets to create illusions of varying complexity. From the basic cup and ball tricks to intricate card magic, the company has provided the tools needed.

However, some modern magicians are progressing beyond the traditional tools for their tricks. Digital magic has become popular of late thanks to people like Simon Pierro and Marco Tempest, with the latter even given his own Ted Talks show, and now you can get in on the act thanks to a new line-up of tricks Marvin has up his sleeve.

Marvin's i-Magic will launch later this year and contains a collection of magic tricks that work in conjunction with an Android or iPhone app. Your phone, therefore, becomes a valuable tool in pulling the wool over people's eyes and it adds an additional layer of fun to the proceedings.

Pocket-lint was treated to a selection of the tricks that will be available in the i-Magic sets, which use augmented reality and animation, and while we absolutely love a traditional card trick or two, there's something extra special seeing your chosen card suddenly appear on an iPhone you've never even held before.

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All the instructions on how to do the tricks, along with the props needed will come in the box. As will a membership card with a unique code to be entered to get the app to work. The app will be free while we were told the main set will cost around £20 to buy. That covers plenty of tricks too, so is great value.

We were also pretty impressed that Marvin himself performed some of the tricks for us. And explained how one or two of them work. We especially liked the x-ray dice trick, where the phone showed an x-ray of a dice we'd placed in not one but two small containers - with the right number facing up too.

We can't wait to see what else he has in store.

Writing by Rik Henderson and Stuart Miles. Originally published on 21 January 2015.