Drones come in all shapes and sizes these days, from large to medium to small to now really really tiny.

The world's smallest drone, shown to Pocket-lint at the London Toy Fair by Revell, is to go on sale in June is so small that you can hide it in a clenched fist. 

The as yet unnamed "pico" quadcopter is the follow on to the company's hugely successful nano quadcopter launched last year and reduces the size of the flying gadget even further.

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The tiny quadcopter should give you around 5 minutes of battery life for a 30-minute charge according to a spokesman for the company. 

To help you avoid crashing it into random passers-by who've not seen it because of its miniature size, the quadcopter also features four bright red lights - very handy and much needed.

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Last year's Nano Quad looks very large indeed now

Working on a 2.4Ghz radio signal, the quadcopter has a range of around 50m. Now all we want is Revell to add a camera to the flying machine and you'll have your very own spy craft that even James Bond would lust after.