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(Pocket-lint) - Toy Fair 2015 in London was awash with copters and drones this year, of varying price points and sizes, but the one that was perhaps the most unique was the X-Voice from Flying Gadgets. As you might have guessed from the name, not only is it a toy quadcopter with standard-style controls, but it can also be commanded by the power of speech.

Pocket-lint was treated to a demo of the copter which was making its demo in the UK after being unveiled at the Hong Kong Toy Fair recently, and it is currently one of a kind.

It's essentially a toy rather than a working drone. There's no camera or app connectivity, but it is designed for pure unadulterated fun. And in that, it totally succeeds.

The X-Voice understands a number of vocal commands, which are picked up through a microphone and ear piece accessory you plug into the controller. "Take off" and "land" are perhaps obvious instructions for it to respond to. However, we particularly like the "dance" command that has the device jig about automatically in the air.

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It also recognises commands in 20 different languages and has an autopilot mode should you get tired of shouting at it. Then off course you can also switch back to manual control through the joypad, which is 2.4GHz for a solid connection.

The Flying Gadgets X-Voice will be available later this year for £49.99, which is around the same price point as an equivalent non-voice controlled quadcopter. We can't wait to have more of a play then.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 20 January 2015.