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(Pocket-lint) - WowWee the creators of RoboSapien, and more recently a robot called MiP, has announced the launch of a new robot dinosaur called MiPosaur.

Based on the MiP robot from 2014, the robotic prehistoric creature comes with the same gesture based tech for controlling it and the same pendulum tech to keep it from falling over, and having played with it at CES we have to say it's great fun.

Given half a chance this snappy dino will follow you or a small ball around, while those hand gestures will allow you to give it directional instructions without having to worry about coding or typing anything.

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The cool new feature this year however is a TrackBall equipped with something WowWee is calling "BeaconSense technology" that basically means the MiPosaur can see and chase the ball forcing them to play football with it.

The fun really starts of course when you have multiple dinosaurs as they will chase the ball and guard against anyone or thing trying to steal it as we witnessed first hand at the WowWee stand in Las Vegas and it's moments like this that made us feel that the MiPosaur has a bit more personality than the beer carrying MiP launched last year. 

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Pulling at its tail will get it angry - bitingly so - and using the in-built Bluetooth connectivity you can check how your MiPosaur feels via a dedicated iOS and Android app. You can even use the TrackBall to control it too: Shaking the ball will shake the tail. 

MiPosaur is expected to cost around $119 in the US or around £80 in the UK when it launches in Q3 just in time for Christmas and judging from our brief play is likely to be a big hit. 

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Writing by Stuart Miles.