The robot future is well and truly upon us, now even our pets can have their own robot slaves to entertain them. Mousr is here for feline funtimes.

Mousr is an intelligent robot from Petronics which is currently on Kickstarter. The sensor-filled bot works a bit like a robot vaccum cleaner in that it's aware of its surroundings and can move. Your cat will try to swipe for the Mousr and it will be able to see that coming and move away – keeping your cat entertained for hours.

Mousr even has a speaker, multicoloured light eyes and interchangeable tails to make it more enthralling for the cat.

The team behind the Mousr is currently working on an artificial intelligence system that should be able to learn how your cat hunts and adapt to keep things interesting.

If the thought of letting a robot entertain your cat leaves you jealous fret not as you can control Mousr via an app that uses Bluetooth to drive the robot.

Mousr is still in development and seeking funding on Kickstarter with an aimed released for autumn of 2015. The price of robotic feline fun? $140 which is about £88.

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