(Pocket-lint) - Playmobil has unleashed a new set of Ghostbusters figures based on the original movie series from 1984 onwards. The figures have been launched to mark the franchise's 35th anniversary (yes, you read that right - 35). 

The collectable figures are 15cm in height, are very detailed, and are available in a limited quantity - 12,500 of each figure are being made - presumably for collectors rather than unknowing kids. 

And, as you'd expect, there are four to collect - Egon Spengler, Winston Zeddemore, Peter Venkman and Ray Stantz. Each of the £49.99 figures comes complete with a proton pack while Zeddemore also has the Ghost Trap (we actually thought it was called something more interesting than that, but obviously not). 

Playmobil has previously released other Ghostbusters-themed sets including the Fire House HQ, legendary Ecto-1 ambulance and Stay Puft Marshmallow man in the past and they've been incredibly popular with parents and kids alike. And there has been a set of small figures before, but this is the first time there's been a super-sized set. 

Playmobil has a huge fanbase and we're sure these figures will have mass appeal, but since they're so limited, you'll have to hurry. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.