A Texan mother and former soldier has come up with an app to stop her child ignoring her calls. And it's now available for anyone.

The Ignore No More app allows parents to disable their child's phone if they're not answering calls or texts. The child is then unable to do anything with the phone except call designated numbers, say their parents', to get a code for unlocking the device.

The app does not stop the phone from being able to call emergency services ever.

Ultimately the child is forced to either answer calls from their parents or lock their phone and have to call them anyway to unlock the device. Access to games, calling and texting are all locked off by the app remotely.

The Ignore No More app is available now for £1.99 on Google Play. There isn't an iPhone version yet but that is in the works for the future. Presumably Apple's closed ecosystem makes it harder to lock the phone down remotely.

Since the app gives control to the parent it can be used anytime it's needed. Want a bit of focus on the dinner conversation? Lock the phone and let them get access once dinner time is over.

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