(Pocket-lint) - ToyMail has graduated from Kickstarter and is now available on Firebox as a UK exclusive.

The toy allows parents to record voice messages on their phones that play on their child's toy, from anywhere in the world.

ToyMail aims to bring parents into their child's world, even when they can't physically be there. It also allows the child to record a message and reply. But it's more than just a recording. The parent can send a message to be read in a funny voice by the little mailman creature. Plus multiple people can use the app to send messages from various family members to the little one.

Currently ToyMail is iOS only but there is an Android version on its way soon. The mailmen toys connect via Wi-Fi making it seamlessly easy for the child to use. It takes four AA batteries so there's no need to worry about charging either.

ToyMail is available now to buy for £50.

Sarah Kabunga, buyer at Firebox.com, said "Toymail is going to be a huge hit with families this Christmas. Parents are increasingly stretched between their work and home lives and looking for ever more interesting and innovative ways to stay in touch with their children. Toymail means families can stay in touch anytime, anywhere in a fun and exciting way to the delight of their little ones."

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Writing by Luke Edwards.