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(Pocket-lint) - Takara Tomy, the Japanese toy manufacturer, is branching out with its range of collectable figures by introducing a range of miniature Sony PlayStation consoles.

Starting with the PlayStation 2 and going through the entire release line-up over the years until the PS4, the company will release mini versions of the consoles that are a sixth of the size of the real thing. They won't be playable - unlikely to even have innards - but they will be the pride and joy of true PlayStation fans everywhere.

We love the fact that the PS2 will be represented in both original and slim versions, and every edition of the PS3 - including the original big fat one - will be available as a collectable. Even the PlayStation Move set, including Eye and Move controllers, will be available in the range.

Sadly, there's no PSOne (or even PlayStation, as it was called on its initial release), but Tomy is making up for the fact with its second project - a combination of the PSOne and Optimus Prime, as it holds the rights to Transformers in Japan.

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while you re waiting for a smaller ps4 to appear treat yourself to one of these image 12

That won't be coming until 2015, although you can get a Megatron that transforms into a Sega Mega Drive (Genesis in States-speak), which will be available this month in Tomy's homeland. It will cost 10,000 yen (£58), so gives you an idea as to the potential cost of the Optimus Prime/PSOne.

The prices for the PlayStation miniatures are also to be revealed. And there's no word on whether they'll ever be released in the UK or US. Perhaps you should give your local Japanese import retailer a shout.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 25 July 2014.