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(Pocket-lint) - Hmm, time for an ice cream. I know, that's exactly what we were thinking when we visited the ChillFactor stand at the London Toy Fair on a cold January day to find out about its new ChillFactor Ice Cream Maker.

The idea behind the Ice Cream Maker, as the name suggests, is to let you make ice cream, but rather than take hours, involve complicated machinery, or even power, the ChillFactor offering involves simply pouring in some cream, flavouring such as strawberry sauce, and then squidging it together like you would a soft cuddly teddy bear. A couple of minutes later, if that, and you've got a tub of ice cream sitting in front of you ready to be eaten. 

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It looks like a giant ice cream cone, and the trick is that you need to put the Ice Cream Maker in the freezer for a couple of hours first to get the desired results, but we love that you get to control what goes in your frozen desert.

At £14.99 we can see this providing huge amounts of fun for your kids come summertime when the ChillFactor Ice Cream Maker goes on sale. The end result? Based on our ice cream making attempts at the London Toy Fair with some cream and strawberry sauce, it's yummy.

Writing by Stuart Miles and Ian Morris. Originally published on 21 January 2014.