We've seen plenty of strange things in our time covering gadgets for the last 11 years at Pocket-lint, but this has to be up there in the bizarro stakes. 

If, it seems as many do in Japan (they've sold 1m already), you suffer from accidentally pressing your home button on your phone all the time, then you need to invest in a pair of mobile pants for it. 

Being shown in the UK for the first time, the Mobilepants from Bandai slip over the bottom of your phone and cover up the home button so you can't press it. 

protect your home button bandai mobilepants are very very bizarre video  image 2

That's it by the way, that's all they do, but being Bandai, there are a range of different patterns, styles and colours including a pair of leopard print thong, some boxer shorts, or for safety a good old pair of Breaking Bad style whities. 

Bandai is looking for a distribution partner outside of Japan and if that proves successful they should cost around £2.99 when they hit the shops. Expect school playgrounds and offices to be bombarded shortly.